Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jack is done and happy to have that juice and mommy

Jack didn't want to be laid on the bed or leave mommy so two nurses ended up having to hold him down

Daddy and Jack having fun

Jack had tubes put in his ears but thankfully daddy could still keep him happy.


Easter Sunday was great. The night before we dyed eggs, and Lillia had so much fun doing that. I put Jack to bed because he just would have knocked over the dye. After church we looked at their easter baskets for about 5 min but then I had to put them up because they wouldn't stop eating candy. We later went to my Auntie's house and had a good easter dinner and an egg hunt. Lillia kept trying to get the most eggs and Jack didn't want to put down a single egg he picked up. All and all a good day. :)

All of us on Easter Sunday at church

Jack loved his jelly beans